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Following a recommendation of the shipowners and seafarers representatives within the ILO’s Joint Maritime Commission (JMC) in what is called the „Geneva Accord”, the ILO decided to consolidate the entire body of its international maritime labour standards in a single instrument.

A high level tripartite working group was established and met several times betwen 2001 and 2004 to prepare a draft text. A Preparatory Technical Maritime Conference was held in September 2004 and a Maritime Sesssion of the International Labour Conference is due to be held in February 2006 for the adoption of the consolidated instrument.

The contents and structure of this instrument, which consolidates sixty maritime labour Conventions and Recommendations, with particular stress on its medical issues are briefly presented.

Among the medical issues covered are the following: medical care on board and ashore, medical examinations of seafarers, their health protection, ship’s medical chests and medical advice at sea, welfare of seafarers, safety of work at sea and prevention of accidents; and social security including sickness and injury coverage.

Senior Maritime Specialist, Sectoral Activities Department,
International Labour Office
CH-1211 Geneva 22, Switzerland
Note: a paper on this subject was presented by the Author during the 8th
International Symposium on Maritime Health, 8-13 May 2005, Rijeka, Croatia