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International Maritime Health is a journal in which original papers, review articles, letters and chronicle are published on health problems of seafarers, fishermen, divers, dockers, shipyard workers and other maritime workers, as well as papers on tropical medicine and health, on travel medicine, epidemiology and related subjects.

International Maritime Health is the continuation of the journal “Bulletin of the Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine in Gdynia”, a quarterly of the same profile, 49 volumes of which were published during the last 5 decades. The journal changed the title in 1999 to INTERNATIONAL MARITIME HEALTH.

Publisher: Medical University of Gdansk
Inter-Faculty Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine in Gdynia To subscribe to the journal, complete the form below and return to the address indicated



International Maritime Health
Medical University of Gdansk, Interdepartmental Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine
81-519 Gdynia, ul. Powstania Styczniowego 9 B, fax. +48 58 622 3354